Paleo 2017 – Smooth Vulcano

Android Wear recovery mode

If the device is updated to Android Wear 6.0, follow these external reset instructions:

  • Power off the watch by holding the Power key for more than 15 seconds.
  • With device off, press and hold Power key. Hold the Power key until the watch vibrates 3 times. This takes about 5 seconds. ( WORKED ONLY WHILE THE WATCH WAS ON THE DOCK)
  • A black and white text screen will display Bootloader Version: 954 (if it displays anything below that, those instructions do not apply to your device).
  • Boot of this screen should show: Boot Mode: Normal Mode.
  • Press the Power key to cycle the boot mode until it shows: Boot Mode Recover Mode.
  • Press the Power key for about 1 second to boot into Recovery Mode.
    Device will boot in recovery mode with the image of an android on its back.
  • Swipe up or down on the screen to see Recovery Mode UI and swipe left to select it.
  • Swipe down to find Wipe Data/factory Reset option and swipe left to select the option.
  • Swipe down to Yes and swipe left to select it.
    The UI will show Wiping Data Screen.
    The device will come back to recovery mode UI.
  • Swipe left to select the Reboot option.